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As before, we have broken down the blog into three departments. One we call “Bits and Pieces of an Ordinary Life. Another, “Begged and Borrowed”, includes items lifted from outside sources that we feel would be worth passing on. We call the third “Etc. Etc. Etc.” for just what that expression implies.

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To do justice to this blog’s ‘Bits and Pieces’ submission, and out of consideration for our readers’ time and energy, we have broken down ‘WhizBang Summer’ into four chapters. We must bow to the reality that in this world of high-tech information delivery, a reader’s attention span is often measured in seconds.

WhizBang Summer’

Preview:  Certainly the first real test of a young college boy’s manhood… right out of a J.D. Salinger or Phillip Roth novel… a real “Dudy Kravitz” or “Dirty Dancing” experience.

Chapter 1:  My ‘Breezy Point’ welcome… The story behind Captain Billy’s ‘WhizBang’… Two-hundred male-hungry sorority girls take over this Catskills-type resort.   Open

Chapter 2:  I discover a trove of ‘WhizBangs’… My first run-in with the Chicago hoods… And a coming-of-age misadventure with a beautiful Mambo dancer.   Open

Chapter 3:  Breezy hires a Borscht Belt comedian… Doc and I manufacture an epidemic… I become pals with a baseball  Hall of Famer and thwart a near-death experience.   Open

Chapter 4 :  Miss Minnesota comes into my life… We run into trouble with one of the Chicago guys… The Hells Angels take over Bar Harbor and descend on Breezy Point in the wee hours.   Open


Every day we come across something in the media, on the internet or in other peoples’ blogs that we find interesting or important enough to share with others. It’s sorta like sharing something one has run across in a newspaper or magazine without the postage.

Preview:  A few simple back care exercises from Web MD.   Open


Etc. Etc. Etc. could be just about anything else we would enjoy sharing with our Blog family.

Preview:   A little ditty about the secret of life from an old cowboy.   Open   


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